The Washington, D C "Swamp" WILL Happily Drain Itself ...

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Liberty and Prosperity for All
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Section #2: The Washington, D C "Swamp" WILL Happily Drain Itself ...

What economic, taxation, regulatory and investment structure will create the greatest and most widespread prosperity among the greatest number and highest percentage of Americans?

Ladies and gentlemen, with that first sentence in mind, please give careful consideration to the proposal in this section two of the CST website. For the United States of America (USA), the answer has been under our noses for decades, but recognized by few, if any, Americans. (Sections four and five provide more details).

Americans, or all people for that matter, regardless of their occupation or place of employment, share a common interest. That common interest in building personal wealth and income. (Personal wealth meaning ownership of stocks, bonds, income-producing real estate, 401K or 403B retirement investment plans, etc).

Owners of personal wealth want to see their wealth grow in value to improve life for themselves and loved ones.

The actions of government(s) often unnecessarily hamstring and limit the growth of personal wealth. The years 2009 to early 2017 provide crystal-clear evidence of this limiting in the USA. The principal reason that the USA was worse off was a massive increase in regulatory dictates by the U S Government and other units of government. And you know what? U S Government employees, high level, rank and file, civilian and military were worse off just like the rest of us.

In that eight-year period, overall economic growth for the USA was sluggish, at best.

However, much to the nation's benefit, in the time since early 2017, the reversal and elimination of a sizable portion of the 2009 - 2017 increase in regulation has tangibly, and measurably, had widespread "growth of personal wealth" benefits.

Wage increases, higher values of 401K and 403B plans available through employers, increases in stock market values and more, clearly illustrate the widespread benefits of lessening U S Government involvement in the American economy.

A first key question now is, "Can a new institutional investment structure be implemented that will provide even greater personal wealth growth benefits to even more Americans?"

A second key question is, "Is this proposed new institutional investment structure consistent with our justifiably strong national desire to have a clean environment in which to live?"

The new institutional investment structure being proposed is the AMERICAN INDEPENDENT WEALTH ACCOUNT (AIWA) system. Implemented as proposed, the AIWA system give a strong, positive answer to both key questions.

There is also, and perhaps ironic, but very real, truth in the operation of the AIWA system. That truth is that AIWA will give those employed by the U S Government, whether senior officials, rank and file, military or civilian, a powerful incentive to keep their employer within the tight, limited-government structure envisioned in the Constitution.

A reasonable question to ask is "OK, if this immediate previous statement is true, how and why will this happen?"

Here's the answer:

People working day-to-day in any organization know the "nuts-and bolts" like no one else. They know the changes that need to be made to maximize the efficiency of the operation(s).

If these knowledgeable people are placed in a position to have their personal retirement wealth benefit considerably from making needed efficiency changes, they will present to their superiors lists of needed improvements.

Since the personal retirement wealth of the superiors will also be enhanced, there is a powerful incentive for all to press for needed changes.

The AIWA system is structured to achieve "across the boards" personal wealth growth for all, regardless of where any one American is employed.

(Sections four and five of the CST website, outline many details of the AIWA structure, and how to get that structure in place).

The AIWA system will be especially beneficial to lower-income Americans.

In her excellent book, UNCLE SAM'S PLANTATION (pg. 205 of the hardback, pgs. 233-36 in paperback) Miss Star Parker, founder and head of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, clearly explains why lower-income Americans will benefit. (The book section is called PROTECTING FREEDOM IN RETIREMENT).

Consider obtaining a copy of UNCLE SAM'S PLANTATION. Read the whole book, especially the retirement section. Compare what Miss Parker wrote with sections four and five of the website.

Please note the "phase-in" steps to build the AIWA system. A reader will quickly see how Miss Parker's comments and the AIWA system are quite compatible.

Meshing with the 84 year-old Social Security "retirement" structure, the AIWA system will quickly start to build personal wealth for many more Americans. If you are employed, self-employed, or managing an American home, you will have an AMERICAN INDEPENDENT WEALTH ACCOUNT, and an ever-growing number of Wilshire 501 mutual fund shares. (The Wilshire 501 is introduced in section four, point 14).

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