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Introduction to the CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX (the CST) website

Does a $22+ trillion National Debt show financial responsibility on the part of the U S Government?

The purpose of this website, www.constitutionalsupporttax.net is to present and explain a three-proposal, tax-change package outlining a new to the 21st Century method of funding the U S Government ("the Feds").

The names of the three proposals are:


When these three proposals are implemented, as proposed, this new to the 21st Century funding structure will automatically force all parts of the Feds to be very wary of wasteful spending.

In fact, rank-and-file U S Government employees, because of the AIWA system, will be among the most aggressive Americans at working to keep their employer well constrained on spending, and operating efficiently.

Further, Social Security "retirement" will be placed on a far stronger financial footing, by joining it with a financially-strong companion, the AIWA. The AIWA is an "Americanized" version of "privatized" Social Security system started by our South American neighbor, Chile, in May 1981.

The Chilean system has been so successful that 30 other countries around the world have set up similar systems. Chile's system is still going great guns in 2019. (Please see Section 13, the Investor's Business Daily editorial).

Chile, for 12 years, experienced an economic growth rate averaging 7.0% after privatizing its Social Security retirement. (Per the September 18, 1997 testimony to the U S House Ways & Means Committee by economist Jose Pinera who set up Chile's system).

Again, implemented as proposed, the new funding structure will leave the U S Government no option but to shrink its size, scope and level of involvement in the live of America, and lives of Americans. Also, remember, the rank-and-file U S Government employees will be leaders in this drive.

The ever-growing dollar amount of National Debt resulting from this uncontrolled spending is a large bomb waiting to explode. If present trends continue, this explosion occurring is a question of when, not if.

The ever-growing spending occurs for one simple reason. That reason is the shameful misuse of the monopoly control Congress has over U S Government taxing and borrowing powers as currently authorized by the Constitution.

These powers are granted in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 (I-8-1) for taxation, and I-8-2 for borrowing.

(Readers, before continuing, please read sections two and three of this CST website).

Section two, while it might seem counter intuitive, explains why the Washington, DC Swamp will happily drain itself.

Section three, the "Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh and Renk, of Live with Renk radio", will provide an overall outline and "philosophy" for the information later on this website.

Drawing from the Rush/Renk letter, it's mandatory that the monopoly-control funding structure granted to Congress be repealed from the U S Constitution. The funding replacement will be a 21st Century update to Article 8 of the Articles of Confederation (the A of C), the USA's first constitution-type document.

Under Article 8 of the A of C, the "common expenses" of operating the "Union" Government set up by the original 13 States were divided among the 13 by an agreed upon formula. Each state legislative body decided how to tax its citizens/residents to raise the money to pay its ratable share. The Union government had no taxing power. Borrowing was allowed only if nine states approved. (Article 9 of the A of C).

Failure to take this repeal and replacement action will only make the day of ultimate reckoning with the ever-growing, now $22+ trillion National Debt, and out-of-control spending, exponentially worse.

The sections on the CST website detail how and why these three proposals will operate to achieve several equally important goals:

Goal One: Create a funding structure that will apply continual pressure to keep U S Government spending, and involvement in the life of America, within the tight, limited-government intent of the Constitution. Elected Federal officeholders, and, as said above, rank-and-file U S Government employees, will become the the primary proponents of achieving this goal, regardless of party affiliation.

Goal two: Create a personal investment system enabling all employed/self-employed Americans to have what has historically been the Social Security "retirement" taxes taken from their compensation remain their property. The AMERICAN INDEPENDENT WEALTH ACCOUNT (AIWA) system will invest this former tax money in a national mutual fund, the Wilshire 501. Former taxpayers will become 501 mutual fund shareholders.

The AIWA system will also have a "Home Management Services" feature. All American moms, with children under the age of majority, whether employed outside the home or working as stay-at-home home managers, will have AIWA Wilshire 501 investment accounts. These accounts will receive regular cash deposits for purchasing Wilshire 501 mutual fund shares. (See details of how this will work explained in points 23 - 27 on the 40 Points section, section # 4, of this website).

Goal Three: Through the AHAF, the survivors of Americans dying as a result of combat-related injuries will receive substantial a "life insurance" benefit (five or six million dollars per family) as compensation for their loss.

The sections of this website will outline the very simple and uncomplicated steps that will show how these proposals can, and will, achieve the desired goals.

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